Taylor Made Water Systems
Welcomes AquaPrix and AquaPerfect to the Waterlogic family.

We Make Water BetterTM

At Taylor Made Water Systems, We Make Water BetterTM. This is not just a tag line - We are committed to providing the best water products on the market for commercial and industrial use.

Point of Use Water Systems

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Commercial Ice Systems



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We Are Your Water Company

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We stand behind our products the service and customer care that the Taylor Made name has been known for in Northern California since 1972. We are not your average water company with me-too products and cookie cutter solutions from a national chain. We test your water and provide a solution that is Taylor Made for your water issues. Whether you're looking to replace your office bottled water cooler, supply your entire home with better water, or eliminate chemical use in a cooling tower, we have a solution you.

We Make Coffee BetterTM

At Taylor Made Water Systems, We Make Coffee BetterTM This too is not just a tag line. After constant requests from our business water customers, who were tired of stale coffee in burnt glass pots, we found a better way to deliver quality coffee.

Office Coffee Systems

WMF 1400 w/Cup Warmer

Keurig B150

Keurig B3000

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We Are Your Coffee Company

Since coffee is 98 percent water, we knew we could start with our core water products - all we needed was Better Coffee. We found it. We roast our own coffee and deliver it within a day of roasting. We supply equipment that grinds fresh for great coffee, latte, and other specialty drinks. We also offer Keurig products, which deliver a selection of quality coffee and convenience unmatched by any other system. Taylor Made has a full line of home and office coffee products that are Taylor Made for you.

Taylor Made Water is authorized to sell K-Cups and Keurig Brewers only to office and food service locations in Northern California.
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