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TM Coffee Beans

Colombian Supremo
Taylor Made Estate Blend Decaf
Ethiopian Decaf
Costa Rican Tarrazu
Taylor Made Estate Blend
Colombian Supremo Decaffeinated

Are you interested in getting the perfect coffee brewer for your home?

Look no further the Keurig Brewing systmes offers the best coffee, its fast and easy equipment will make drinking coffe a new experience.

Why Keurig Brewing system?
1.Perfectly brewed coffee and tea
Simply press the brew button, and the Keurig microprocessor precisely controls water temperature and pressure.

2. Always ready
Water in the water tank is always hot so you can brew up to * consecutive cups each in less than a minute.

3. Consistent Great Taste
The Keurig brewer is designed to brew every cup to perfection with no taste contamination from cup to cup.

Have the perfect Coffee delivered to your home!! Perfect?
YES!! Order now online and your coffee will be shipped within a day of roasting, so you’ll be receiving the freshest coffee available. Since we roast in small batches, we can “Taylor” your Beans. Please include any special instructions, even specific roasting, grinding, or any other preferences.

Looking for the finest Pure Kona and Kona blend coffees available, fresh to your door? ORDER NOW

Keuring B100

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