Kona Coffee

Taylor Made Water Systems and PHSI have partnered to form the Pure Brew program, offering the finest Pure Kona and Kona blend coffees available, fresh to your door.

10% Discount:
As part of this program, Taylor Made can offer you a 10% discount on any Kona Coffee ordered through the Pure Brew program. Be sure to enter “TMWS” as your discount code for the 10% savings. Don’t forget as you won’t get the savings without the code. Before checkout, you will be prompted for the code as shown below.

Please enter an applicable discount code / gift certificate PIN: TMWS

Waiono, Hawaiian for Pure Water, is the essential element for growing and brewing the finest Kona Coffee.

At 2,000 feet above Kailua Bay overlooking the smooth waters of the Pacific Ocean, our 35,000 mature coffee trees flourish in the morning sun and light afternoon rains. Careful daily attention utilizing the most environmentally sound agronomic techniques results in the best quality coffee cherries, hand picked at the perfect ripening and immediately processed with ecologically friendly methods. Our green coffee beans are then shipped to our roaster in Reno, Nevada where we create unique blends of varying origins to further enhance your coffee experience. In this way we can assure you the finest aroma, body and consistency delivered fresh to your door.

Brew your Pure Brew Coffee with Pure Water for the ultimate taste sensation.
Click any of the selections below to order – and don’t forget to use your TMWS Discount Code.

Kona Mist
Minmum 15% Kona Coffee
Medium Roast
A bright lively coffee with a clean finish. Slight chocolaty presence.

Kona Sunrise
Minimum 40% Kona Coffee
Medium Roast
A great full-bodied coffee with hints of nuts and cocoa.

Pure Kona
100% Kona Coffee
Medium Roast
The classic Hawaiian taste savored throughout the world. Good body, with slight floral and chocolate hints.

All American
Vienna (Dark) Roast
This is a bold dark full-bodied coffee with a syrupy smoothness.

Return Policy:
If you are dissatisfied with your Pure Brew Coffee for any reason, we will replace it or refund the full cost of the product, including shipping. If you feel you need to return an item, please contact our Customer Service Department, [email protected], and we will gladly replace it or refund your money.