Coffee at Work

Much as Taylor Made Water Systems offered a revolutionary SOLUTION to businesses’ water needs, it now provides the most advanced office coffee system available. Finally, a better way to do office coffee!

You can distinguish yourself from the crowd with the TM-250 or TM-150. Offer your employees or clientele an impressive alternative to the ordinary cup of coffee. Designed in Italy by the world’s most discerning coffee drinkers, these systems create a fresh ground, fresh brewed cup of coffee on demand. The sophisticated brewing group and state-of-the-art electronics combine to serve up coffee house style cappuccino and latte at the single touch of a button. Its speed, efficiency, and flexibility are unparalleled.

The TM-250 Automatic is the next-generation of OCS machine for today’s demanding consumer. TM-250 offers sophistication in a compact unit designed to deliver maximum performance. It’s simple to install, operate and service, and with TM-250’s modern design, the machine blends in perfectly in all surroundings.

Clean, Sleek, Satisfying
The TM-150 is compact, yet still shares many of the TM-250’s features. It’s small size and retro styling make it perfect for small office settings.

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A Keurig Brewing System for Any Size Office

Reward your employees and spoil your clients. With Keurig, everyone in the office gets to choose their favorite variety of famous gourmet coffee or tea brands. And in less than 60 seconds, they can enjoy a single cup, brewed with ultimate flavor and freshness every time. No filters, no hassles, and no coffee to throw away. No wonder no other office coffee system comes close to Keurig.

Ideal for offices with more than 20 employees.


Ideal for offices with 10 to 20 employees.


Ideal for offices with less than 10 employees.

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