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Taylor Made Water Systems commits to providing the best products and support, year after year, at competitive prices. We believe Pure Quality Water translates to improved health and productivity. It is our job to make it simple and inexpensive to provide Pure Quality Water to your business or home.

The Pure Water I is the most advanced drinking water system available today. Patented Double stage Ozone Injection™ eliminates microbiological contamination and bacteria while introducing fresh oxygen into the water. The Pure Water I is Microprocessor Controlled, Self Monitoring, and Self Sanitizing™ to provide a continuous supply of Pure Oxygenated Drinking Water.

Distillation can remove microbiological contamination but does not prevent bacteria from forming in the drinking water tank. These systems require extensive maintenance, and use excessive amounts of energy.

Distillation does not remove all volatile organic compounds from the water and produces flat, oxygen depleted water.

Ultra Violet Light can kill some microbiological contaminants but must be used in combination with other technologies to be effective against organic

Bottled Water is often the most misleading drinking water delivery system in regards to purity. Bottled water is required to be tested less frequently than city tap water for bacteria and chemical contaminants. In fact, about one-fourth of bottled water is actually bottled tap water according to government and industry estimates (some estimates go as high as 40 percent). In addition, the typical 5 gallon bottled water cooler must be sanitized on a regular basis to prevent the formation of high concentrations of bacterial organisms.


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