The TM 1 is Taylor Made Water Systems’ flagship and the most state of the art water purification cooler in the world. The system has 6 stages of purification, is microprocessor controlled and has a patented Double Stage Ozone Injection™ process. Through microprocessor control the Pure Water 1 provides in-line monitoring capability insuring continuous purification performance. Not only does the system remove organic and inorganic contamination but eliminates any and all microbiological contamination including cryptosporidium through a patented process. In addition, through the patented process, the system is self-sanitizing™ and insures that Heterotrophic Plate Count (HPC) bacteria does not proliferate in the final 4.75 gallon drinking water tank, unlike bottled water. The final result is pure oxygenated drinking water either cold, room temperature or hot

6-Stage Purification Process

 Double Stage Ozone InjectionT

 Microprocessor Controlled

 Self SanitizingT

 Oxygenated WaterT

50 G.P.D. Thin Film Composite R.O.

SmartapT for TDS Monitoring

 Filter Change Indication

Sanitary Quick Change Filter Design

 Cold, Hot and Room Temperature Faucets

 Modular Design

Ease of Maintenance

 13 1/2″ Wide X 13 1/2″ Deep X 56″ High

 Single 120v Power Cord (optional 240v)