TM-3 03

The TM 3–O3 is the highest quality Filtration Cooler on the market today. The system is configured with 3 filters, including Activated Oxygen Injection™. The first filter is a 10 micron sediment filter. The second filter is a 1 micron carbon filter for the removal of organics such as pesticides, herbicides and solvents, including chlorine, while the third filter is a 1 micron lead and cyst removal filter.The last and final stage is Activated Oxygen Injection™ to insure Heterotrophic Plate Count (HPC) does not proliferate in the drinking water tank, unlike bottled water. The system includes cold, room temperature and hot water faucets standard

4-Stage Purification Process

 Microprocessor Controlled

Single Stage Activated Oxygen InjectionT


 13 1/2″ Wide X 16″ Deep X 50″ High

 120v Power (optional 240v)>